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We Should All Be… 

Living in a narcasstic world where people lose their identify in the love of “self” only to end up going in search of finding it again, I couldn’t help these past few days but wonder what we are truly missing and why the confusion on what we should be continues to linger on and on. So I came to meet the following thoughts in my musings.. 

What if we decided to be slay kings and queens, waking up each morning like we earned it, reaching out for our phones or tablets, and taking a trip to the social networks where we reign supreme with our ‘loyal’ subjects to our authority under the name “friends and followers”; what if we began our killing spree with Snapchat: so our big yet little world of fans and haters (after all, who lives in this century without one or two) would see we made it to the new day and thus we can begin to “pepper” their eyes, updating every 30 minutes of our lives that we fail to really live. How about we just then slay for Instagram so that we get the 😍s and 😘s and comments that show we must have killed the other party well enough to have typed such before they passed away. Or maybe we can back our slaying skills with copied jokes, quotes and silly caption we term ‘cool’, as being original with words ain’t worth it, since slaying consumes our critical minds and mental intellect (or does it?) and then have likes and comments which would make our hearts feel at ease that we did a great job slaying. 

Or let’s be a little bit serious. We should all be feminists. After all that’s the recent term I get to see everyday. But then again, can we really be when we conflict ourselves with different views on what feminism is all about. Just like the Bible, everyone has a different version of what feminism is all about. And just like religion we just talk about it but hardly want to leave it out.

Better still we could be something whose definition can never be conflicting. Did I write ‘could’? Scratch that, we should. We should all be mothers; caring, loving, selfless, true epitome of greatness. And why should we- many may ask-are they even the slayers we seek to be? Yes they are, they’ve been slaying all evil forces by prayers to their God since time memorial. And if that doesn’t define the so całled “slayness”, then maybe David needs to come back and start slapping us hard on the face. And are they even feminists? I believe so. Being capable of playing the roles of other gender and still doing that which the opposite sex wouldn’t be able to do if we all traded places. It’s obvious they are. Mothers deserve to be endowed everyday with flowers (the Snapchat flower filter won’t be enough). And the good news is: we don’t even need to change gender literally to be them (well for the opposite sex reading this). No we don’t. Neither do we have to defy the uniqueness of marriage and be baby mommas to be them. All it takes is a loving heart and an altruistic mindset. We should all be mothers…